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Barcelona Surf Film Festival 2017June 28 to 30, 2017

Barcelona Surf Film Festival is the fifth edition of this international event that will gather from 28 to 30 of June (6.00pm to 1.00am) 2017 the Spanish's surf comunity at the Baluard gardens of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona under the theme: LIVE BETWEEN SWELLS
A good swell stops the world. Plans get cancelled. Surf becomes priority number one. Riding waves seems the only activity that makes sense. But, when there's no waves, the surfers live the LIVE BETWEEN SWELLS, in other words, what happens while we wait for another perfect swell.
What do the surfers while waiting a good swell? We search inperation, watch videos, check new material, share a cold beer with friends...
This edition, the #BCNSFF17 will be focused on the best options to live a LIFE BETWEEN SWELLS. Afternoons of pleasure and connection with the Barcelona Surf Afterworks where you'll be able to see the latests surf news at the Barcelona Surf Expo; find out the best national surf buisiness at the Barcelona Surf Market; listen to surf live music at the Barcelona Surf Music; and learn from pros at the Barcelona Surf Corners and Barcelona Surf Talks. After the sunset, the best international surf movies will be screened at an onsite open air cinema.
Furthermore, to foster the environmental consciousness the #BCNSFF17 will be a ZERO WASTE FESTIVAL.
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Zero Waste FestivalHumans are the only species on the planet that don't live by zero waste principles.

On this V edition the BCNSFF17 partners with reBueno, a start-up focused on organizing sustainable waste free events.
The goal is double:
1) Achieve a Zero Waste Festival: generate zero waste not organic nor recyclable. Working to reduce the reciclable to organic as much as possible.
2) Society and education: teach the attendees how on our daily live we can make better decisions for us and for the environment.

MOVIESDo you have a surf short/feature?

If you have a short, feature or documentary related to surf and you'd like to submit it to the #BCNSFF17 check the steps you need to follow here.
The minimum requirements are: Quicktime file encoded with h.264 and a resolution of 1280x720 with 500Mbps bitrate. The submission deadline is May 25, 2017. Click here to submit your short, feature or documentary.


We are a cultural organization, concerned abot the World we live in. We are looking for companies that make high-quality products, paying respect to the end users of their product. Durability means that we take less (materials and energy), that we need to produce less, and destroy less (less waste). If your company strives for a more sustainable World, do not hesitate to email Xavi.



Raquel Lua & Yerai Hernandez
Raquel Lua & Yerai Hernandez Wednesday 28 - MMB - 6:30pm
Raquel Lúa singer born in Barcelona of Catalan father and Andalusian mother. Yeray Hernández, son of La Gomera. In 2015 Raquel Lúa gets a scholarship to participate in a project of the Music Workshop called Cabal Musical where Yeray is his teacher and mentor. The affinity between them is such that they decided, once the project was finished, to continue playing together.
In the voice of Raquel, influences are fused from flamenco to Mediterranean music and Yeray makes us travel to Brazilian, South American and even jazz sounds. Essence and soul for a #LifeBetweenSwells.

Old Tucson
Old Tucson Rock Thursday 29 - MMB - 6:30pm
Old Tucson is an abandoned village in the middle of the Arizona desert, surrounded by giant cactus and sand. There they found four solitary bounty hunters that between shots, dust and whiskey, decided to get together to rock all the canteens of the state. Their music starts from a deep blues base of the South of USA and ends in powerful riffs filled with fuzz.
We were dying to enjoy these four bounty hunters during #BCNSFF17.

Cox Thursday 29 - MMB - 9:00pm
COX, a group led by Sergi Cochs, will perform a concert-talk, where, in addition to music, he will tell us about his experiences crossing the Atlantic aboard the "MOIN", which he calls the Calaca project. An inspiring project from which will come his next album, a book and a documentary.

Seb Heart
Seb Heart Friday 30 - MMB - 6:30pm
Seb was born in England and raised in France, near the Swiss border. A singer from the age of 4, he started with electric guitar when he was 11 years old, and created his first band at 13. The definitive impulse took him to Dubai, where he went to live at 15 and met Abo, a person who opened the doors to the Dubai music scene. From there, passing through Perth (Australia) and Barcelona comes this artist to the BCNSFF17 with a music that invites you to close your eyes and be carried away by waves, foam and #LifeBetweenSwells.

Joan Queralt & The Seasicks
Joan Queralt & The Seasicks Friday 30 - MMB - 9:00pm
Joan Queralt arrives accompanied by his band, The Seasicks (Ignasi Miranda - Bass and Ivan Morales - Drums) to return to his well-known beat in the purest American style. A style that moves between guitars full of atmospheres, deep drums and influences of the 60's and 90's without renouncing the country-folk that made him known with "Welcome Home".
"Time Made of Sand" is his third work and we will enjoy it during the #BCNSFF17 celebrating #LifeBetweenSwells.

Barcelona Surf Market

If you have a local surf business and you want to participate at the #bcnsurfmarket do not hesitate to send an email to Gerard with your website and a phone number so we can get in touch with you.

Barcelona Surf ExpoBrands and distribution companies exhibition

Are you interested in presenting your products to the Southern Europe leading trade show for surf business? Are you a business that surfers check during our LIFE BETWEEN SWELLS?
Send us an e-mail and we'll be in touch to submit your application.


If you are a journalist, photograph or editor for a newspaper, magazine, blog or any other media access to the PRESSROOM so you can find more information and submit your media accreditation to access the #BCNSFF17.

Location Jardí del Baluard (Museu Marítim de Barcelona)